We have all been there before. We want to complete a piece of work, launch a new product or campaign, or collaborate on a project with other team members; but we find it hard to manage the hundred or so to-do’s required to accomplish the task at hand.

For digital agencies it can be even more of a challenge. Imagine trying to manage 10 projects at once. Each project bound by very specific skill-set requirements and time constraints. On top of that constant communication is needed between the agency and client to ensure work is being done according to the clients brief and more importantly client expectations are being met.

If you are a digital agency or a web design agency trying to manage projects and communicate with clients using an email system then you have made a fatal mistake. It is a mistake that many of us make when first trying to launch a new service based business. What you need is a dedicated project management system to handle projects and communicate with clients effectively.

From experience I have found that web design projects can be easily managed using such a system and for this reason I have built a project management system on the back end of this website to assist my staff members and clients. Further information about the project management system and other benefits of working with 1nspiration Digital will be published soon.