1nspiration Digital – Top Tips for New Digital Agencies

1nspiration Digital
You are probably wondering how 1nspiration Digital managed to grow so fast and get such a good reputation in just over a year. Well it wasn’t as hard as you might think! If you are a small web design or digital agency in London then our story may be a source of inspiration for you.

1nspiration Digital started as a small web design agency in Brick Lane, London. The team was small and at that stage not everyone involved was able to give their full time and commitment to the company. Staff members would be assigned projects according to their skill sets and specialisms, and work would be completed during their free time. A project manager would be assigned to each project to ensure deadlines were met and quality of work was maintained. I guess this is the first thing to note – clients are not bothered about how big your organisation is, all they want is good quality work delivered on time and that is exactly what you should be trying to achieve.

“Within a matter of days our website and project management system was up and running! I would like to thank the 1nspiration Digital team for their hard work and dedication to meet the project deadline. I would recommend them to anyone looking to launch a new website with IT systems embedded.”


Project Manager, WiFi Extenders

After receiving excellent feedback and good reviews from our clients the company really started to kick off. Due to our hard work and commitment at the beginning we were now enjoying a large number of customer enquiries mainly due to client recommendations. A number of executive decision were then made, one of which stated that 1nspiration Digital would not take on more clients than it can handle. This, in order to ensure that quality was maintained and each client received the best possible service.

The team also decided to invest heavily in our IT systems and infrastructure. This added great value to our work, made us more efficient and significantly increased customer satisfaction. The 1nspiration Digital project management system helped our clients and staff members keep track of milestones, tasks and project deadlines. It also helped with communication and discussing creative new ideas in a way that could not be done before.

The 1nspiration Digital team was now starting to grow and the original team who were not able to dedicate so much time to the company were now confident the company would be a success and so joined full time. The digital agency was born.

Summary of key points:


  • As experts in web design, digital marketing and business development we can say with confidence that the best way to get new clients is by delivering exceptional work to your existing clients.
  • The size of your company doesn’t matter. What matters is the quality of work produced and meeting your deadlines.
  • Your staff members should be talented and have the right skills for the job. If needed hire specialists for each job.
  • Project management is vital. A project/ account manager should be assigned to each client and he/ she should be responsible for that particular project.
  • Never eat more than you can chew and never take on more clients than you can handle!
  • Use the latest IT systems and software to increase efficiency and productivity.
  • Always be patient and persistent especially when starting up for the first time. Never give up!